• API 7-1 Stabilizer

    API 7-1 Stabilizer

    API7-1 Stabilizer API7-1 Stabilizers are drilling tools to stabilize the downhole equipments and prevent deviation. According to the structure, they can be divided into three basic types: integral blade stabilizer, non-rotating stabilizer and replaceable sleeve stabilizer....Read More
  • Cylinder Liner Pump

    Cylinder Liner Pump

    Cylinder liner pump Material: High chrome alloy sleeved, ceramic zirconia. Sizes: 4 to 7-1/2 inches. Standard: API-7K. Hardness: 62-69 Rockwell Cylinder liner pump-High Chrome Sleeve Liners(Item 23) RONGLE’s High Chrome Sleeve Liners are the most popular type of liners used...Read More
  • Heavy Weight Drill PIPE

    Heavy Weight Drill PIPE

    Heavy weight Drill pipe 1、 Heavy weight Drill pipe is one drilling tool which has a medium-weight and similar to drill pipe. Wall thickness is larger than that of the drill pipe, and it is smaller than drill collar. Generally add between the drill pipe and drill collar when...Read More
  • Pneumatic Tube Clutch

    Pneumatic Tube Clutch

    Pneumatic tube clutch The spirit moves the Pneumatic Clutch with compressed air for friction clutch that manipulate the motive source. Used for needing to be delivered the big torque generally with turn round the directional equipments with the fast a transformation last such...Read More
  • Spiral Drill Collar

    Spiral Drill Collar

    Spiral Drill collar The major function of spiral drill collar: It is to prevent drilling tools from pressure differential block during drilling, the spiral groove allows the mud flow freely around the drill collar to balance pressure preventing pressure block, so effectively...Read More


    VALVES and SEATS RONGLE’s valves and seats (Item12) are made of forged alloy steel with deep carburized wear surface, precision machined to API standards. The valves and seats we offer have two major categories, full open valves and seats, 3 web / 4 web valves and seats. Full...Read More
  • Standard Pneumatic PIPE Clutch

    Standard Pneumatic PIPE Clutch

    Standard Pneumatic pipe clutch Standard Pneumatic pipe clutch, Depending the pneumatic delivers to torque the construction is simple make and installing the technique request to be low thermolysis would be better to not as good as ventilated type the pneumatic capacity is...Read More
  • Pneumatic PIPE Clutch

    Pneumatic PIPE Clutch

    Pneumatic pipe clutch Pneumatic pipe clutch , The friction plate is fixed on pneumatic tires directly, it transmit torque by tires. The common pneumatic has simple structure, low manufacturing and installation technical requirements, but the volume of the pneumatic tire is...Read More
  • Seamless Tubing

    Seamless Tubing

    Seamless Tubing Seamless Tubing for liquid transport :Applicable to transport liquid, gas, oil etc seamless tubing: Applicable to the general structure, mechanical structure with seamless tubes Standard GB/T8162 , GB/T8163 ,ASTM A53 ,ASTM A106 ,DIN1629 , API 5L Steel Grade...Read More
  • Seamless OCTG

    Seamless OCTG

    Seamless OCTG OCTG, full name of Oil CountryTubular Goods, petroleum special pipe. It refers to a kind of steel pipe which is specially used for oil and gas exploration, most of which are seamless tubes, but the welded pipe also accounts for a considerable proportion....Read More
  • Oilfield Tubing

    Oilfield Tubing

    Oilfield Tubing‍ Oilfield Tubing‍, are special pipes developed for oil (gas, water) wells and fields, is used to export and transmit the oil (gas, water) from such oil (gas, water) wells to the outside. Products comply with Specifications on Casing and Tubing (API Spec 5CT),...Read More
  • Casing PIPE

    Casing PIPE

    Casing pipe Product: API 5CT oil casing pipe Material: H40.J55.K55.N80.C75.L80.C90.T95.P110.Q125 OD: 114.3mm to 508mm Wall thickness: 5.12mm to 16.13mm length: R1(4.86-7.62M). R2(7.62-10.36M). R3(10.36-13Meters) Thread: STC.BTC.LTC STANDARD: API 5CT Technical: Hot Rolled...Read More
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