• Fluid End Modules

    Fluid End Modules

    FLUID END MODULES RONGLE’s fluid end modules are made of premium 4130 alloy steel with strict forging and heat treatment for longer life. Every module is precisely made and has gone through rigid inspections with design pressure up to 7,500 psi. They are CNC machined and...Read More
  • Pinion Shafts

    Pinion Shafts

    Pinion Shaft Pinion Shaft Assembly, included Flange, bearing and pinion shaft. Types: 500,800,1000,1300(1600),1600HL,2200HL, and F series, 3NB series, HHF series, QF series and RS series. Provide power to the crankshaft assembly. Externally mounted pulley or sprocket....Read More
  • Drive Shaft Flange

    Drive Shaft Flange

    Drive shaft flange is a Manually pump flange for replacement and change the piston. (Item 17)Read More
  • Pulsation Dampener Charging Kit

    Pulsation Dampener Charging Kit

    Pulsation dampener charging kit An Nitrogen gas filling tool for pulsation dampeners, hose length two meters. RONGLE manufacture an extensive range of Pulsation Dampers to suit wide ranging industrial applications. The AR range of charging kits are essential tools for the...Read More
  • Hydraulic Valve Seat Puller

    Hydraulic Valve Seat Puller

    Hydraulic valve seat puller Hydraulic type Pull out tools. Suitable for various types of pumps. Hydraulic pull valve is an indispensable tool for mud pump, which is used to pull the seat. When in use, remove the valve cover from the liquid cylinder top, will hook assembly...Read More
  • Crosshead Bearing

    Crosshead Bearing

    Crosshead bearing Install the Crosshead bearing between the crosshead pin and the connecting rod.(Item 19)Read More
  • Crosshead Guide

    Crosshead Guide

    Crosshead guide Crosshead guide is used to Guiding the crosshead, used for a long time which can cause the thickness of the guide plate to drop, and the middle pull rod produces the elevation Angle. The piston causes the eccentric wear which should be repaired and adjusted in...Read More
  • Crosshead Pin

    Crosshead Pin

    Crosshead pin The fitting between the crosshead and connecting rod, with oil hole, can be used to cool and lubricate the cross head bearing.(Item 12) The crosshead pin connects the piston rod to the connecting rod. On either side of the crosshead pin are mounted the crosshead...Read More
  • Crosshead Extension Rod

    Crosshead Extension Rod

    Crosshead extension rod (Pony Rods) Crosshead extension rod is installed in the front of the crosshead and connected with the piston rod, with a bright and clean chrome-plated layer to ensure that it can be rubbed against the seasoning box for a long time to reduce wear and...Read More
  • Crosshead Mudguard

    Crosshead Mudguard

    crosshead mudguard, Prevent the fluid from splashing into the middle pull rod during piston movement, keep the middle lever clean and improve the life span.(Item 10)Read More
  • Stuffing Box Crosshead

    Stuffing Box Crosshead

    Stuffing box crosshead(Item 5),Dynamic sealing, prevent the oil leakage when the middle pull rod movement. The piston rod is bolted to the piston and passes through a stuffing box mounted in the diaphragm plate. The stuffing box provides a seal between the two spaces,...Read More
  • Crosshead Shim

    Crosshead Shim

    Crosshead shim is used to adjust the height and angle of the crosshead guide(Uper/Lower) when install or repair crosshead assembly.(Item 3)Read More

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