Atex Plug and Socket

Atex Plug and Socket

ATEX plug and socket 15A~200A YT / GZ / YZ series of non-spark electric connectors can be applied to electrical connection for petroleum exploration, drilling electric control and other electric apparatuses. Accord with IEC 60079-15:2005<Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres -...

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ATEX plug and socket

15A~200A YT / GZ / YZ series of non-spark electric connectors can  be applied to electrical connection for petroleum exploration, drilling  electric control and other electric apparatuses. Accord with IEC 60079-15:2005<Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres - Part 15: Construction, test and marking of type of protection "n" electrical apparatus> and Chinese standard GB3836.8-2003, And obtained the ATEX certificate in Europe, No.: CE0470 Nemko 07ATEX3202.

The electric connector consists of two parts: Plug and socket, of which the plug is mobile (YT). There are two types of socket: Panel- fixed (GZ) and panel-mobile (YZ). Coupling way of the plug and socket is spiral bayonet snap coupling. End connection form between the contacts and wires is crimping. The contacts use elastic rim to support positioning and are the structure of installing from the rear and removing from the front.

The connector case is aluminum die casting alloy. The contact is coated with silver, which is contacted reliably, connected conveniently, has better tightness and insulation, and has of water-proofing, dirt-proofing and vibration-proofing features.

The explosion-proof mark is ExnA II T4.



◊Rugged: All components have aluminum housing

◊Minimal heat build-up

◊Energy saving

◊Low maintenance costs

◊Perfect function over 500 mating operations

◊Longer product life

Main technical features

Explosion-proof  Sign

Ex n A Ⅱ T4 Gc

Intended use

Can be used in zone 2

Ambient Temperature


Working Voltage


Working Current


With standing Voltage

2800V (1Min)

Protection Degree


Connection type


Contact number

3-pins, 4-pins, 5-pins

Life Duration


Both pin and jack could be inserted in plug or socket.

I. Operating Environment Conditions

1. Sea level altitude: 2,000m

2. Ambient temperature:-20 ~ +60

3. Relative humidity: <95% (25 )

4. Oscillation: Oscillating acceleration is 7g when the oscillating frequency is 50HZ for two hours

5. Impact: Impact energy E (J) =7

II. Main Technical Specifications

1. Rated operating voltage: 500V AC50~400Hz

2. Rated operating current: 15A, 25A, 60A, 100A, 150A, 200A

3. Insulating resistance: No more than 100 M under normal condition no more than 5M after wet heated

4. Contact resistance: <0.5m

5. Withstand voltage: 2,800V 50HZ under normal state

6. Min. electric gap is 5mm; Min. Creepage distance is 7.1mm

7. Temperature rise: 65

8. Case protection grade: Ip54

9. Monopole contact insertion and withdraw force: 1.5 kg f

10. Service life: 500 times of mechanized operation

III. Type Symbol Illustration and Meanings


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