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The basic performance parameter of drilling pump
- Jun 04, 2018 -

The basic performance parameter of drilling pump

1.Theoretic displacement: the medium’s cubage discharged from the pump in unit time is called the theoretic average displacement of pump, shortened for theoretic displacement of pump, denoted with Q.

2.Working pressure of pump: generally it is the liquid acting force on unit area of discharge port, shortened for pump pressure, denoted with p.

3.Rated power and efficiency of pump: the energy that the prime power engine (machine) transmits to the pump’s driving shaft in unit time is called input power of pump; the input power while the pump runs at the rated strokes is called the rated power of pump (denoted with N); the increased energy of the liquid after the pump acting in unit time is called the effective power, also named hydraulic power (denoted with Nr). The efficiency is the ratio of effective power and input power.

4.Strokes: also named pump strokes. It is the piston’s reciprocating times in unit time, denoted with n. (really it is a speed parameter of mud pump)

5.Length of stroke: it is the reciprocating distance of the piston, denoted with S.

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