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Structure and Feature of Drilling Pump
- Apr 27, 2018 -

Structure and Feature of Drilling Pump

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Structure of Drilling Pump

Structure of Drilling Pump.jpg

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Pinion shaft assembly

Pinion shaft assembly.jpg

crankshaft assemble

crankshaft assemble.jpg

crossing head assemble

crossing head assemble.jpg

hydraulic end assemble

hydraulic end assemble.jpg

discharge pipeline assembly

discharge pipeline assembly.jpg

discharge air dampener assembly

discharge air dampener assembly.jpg

feature of HHF series Drilling pump

动力端power end

⑴ 机架采用钢板焊接件,强度高,刚性好,重量轻。

The frame adopts the steel plate weldment with high strength, good rigidity and lighter weight. 

⑵ 整体人字齿轮传动,运转平稳. 

One-piece herringbone gear drive with smooth running.

⑶ 合金钢曲轴。可更换的十字头导板。 

Alloy steel crankshaft and changeable crosshead guide. 

⑷ 采用滚子轴承,提高了运转时的平稳性和承载能力。 

Adopt roller bearing and improve the running stability and load capacity. 

⑸ 中间拉杆盘根采用先进密封结构,密封效果好。 

The extension rod adopts advanced packing structure with good seal performance. 

⑹ 动力端齿轮、轴承、十字头等部位采用强制润滑和飞溅润滑相结合的润滑方式。 

Gear, bearing, crosshead and some other parts at power end adopts forced lubrication and splash lubrication mode. 

⑺ 应用施必牢防松螺母,拆装方便。 

Adopts Spiralock self-locking nuts and easy to assembly and disassembly.

液力端hydraulic end

⑴ 液缸采用直通式布置,可使液流平稳、结构紧凑、容积效率高。 

The cylinder adopts the go-through laying (over & under valves-front loading) to make the flow smooth, structure compact and with high volumetric efficiency. 

⑵ 三个液缸具有互换性。 

The three cylinders are interchangeable. 

⑶ 缸盖和阀盖能快速旋紧,装拆方便。 

The cylinder cover and valve cover can be screwed down quickly and convenient to disassembly and assembly.

⑷ 吸入阀和排出阀能通用互换。

Suction valve and discharge valve can interconvert. 

⑸ 采用敞开式的活塞与缸套内腔结构,便于观察。 

Adopt the opened piston and cylinder liner structure and convenient to observe.

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