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Start of pump
- Aug 22, 2018 -

start of pump 

Ⅰ.preparation before start

1.Check the bottom of power end; empty the lubrication and clean the oil sump. Then according to the lubrication requirement marked in the nameplate on pump frame, fill the power end with adequate lubrication.

2.Check the clearance between the crosshead and upper guide to make sure that it is proper.

3.Check the cooling lubricant in the water tank of spray pump to make sure that it is proper.

4.Check all the thread connections to make sure they are tightened and check for any sundries in the pump.

5.Check all valves on mud line to make sure they are on proper status.

6.Check the pulse dampener to make sure its charge pressure gets to 4±0.5MPa.

7.Open the inlet and outlet valves of spray pump and charge pump.

8.Check the shear safety valve and the pressure gauge to make sure they are ready and sensitive, check whether the safety valve's pressure setting is correct or not.

9.Fill the chamber of suction lines with water or mud to discharge all air.


  1. Start with low speed and speed up gradually to improve the volumetric efficiency.

  2. If high pump speed is needed, the charge pump must be used.

  3. Check the reading of lubrication pressure gauge at power end to see whether it is proper or not.

  4. Check the temperature of each part. There are should no local overheating.

  5. When start the pump, you shall contact with related operator and inspector.

  6. When start the mud pump, the operator should notice the pressure showed on the pressure gauge. If the mud does not return to the ground, the operator should not leave the control panel (air switch of clutch).

  7. When engage the pump clutch, prefer adopt twice start method, this can make the pump get the chance to act and also see whether there is anything wrong. If there is nothing wrong, engage the clutch finally.

Ⅲ.Inspection (observation) during operation ( running)

  1. *Check whether the clamp for piston rod and extension rod connection has some abnormal sound; check whether all the nuts on cylinder block and valve cover and cylinder cover are loosen or not. If there are some abnormality, find out the reason and eliminate them immediately.

  2. *Check whether the high pressure seal have leakage or not, and whether the pump valve and cylinder liner have any washout sound. If there is something wrong, resolve it immediately.

  3. *Notice the change of the pump pressure. If there is something wrong, handle it immediately.

  4. Notice whether the water supply of spray pump is normal or not.

  5. Notice the temperature of each part of bearing, crosshead guide and other parts with movement is too high or has any abnormal phenomenon.

  6. At the back of frame, check whether the pressure gauges reading of lubrication for power end is proper or not 

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