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Operation of Drilling pump-The installation of pump
- Jul 05, 2018 -

It is the one of the most important device of drilling rig, it transmits high pressure drilling fluid to hole bottom to wash the hole, break rock, cool and lubricate bit  and bring the cuttings to the ground. We explain the drilling pump courses into three parts:The installation of pump 

Installation of drilling pump

1.The drilling pump should be installed on a level or a little declined to fluid end skid (gradient≤3°), this shall be good for the flow of lubrication.

2.The installation position of pump should try to be lower as possible, and the position of mud pits should try to be higher as possible, so that it can improve the suction efficiency of the drilling pump.

3.When lay the suction lines, the charge pump should be connected by-pass so that the drilling pump can go on working when there is something wrong with the charge pump or maintain the charge pump.

4.The inlet port of the suction line should be 300mm higher than the bottom of the mud pit and the internal diameter of suction line should be identical, Furthermore, the inlet port of suction line should not face the inlet of mud pit (so does the mud tank). 

5.When install the Shear safety valve, it should contact with mud directly, and the outlet end of safety valve should be connected to the mud tank with seamless steel pipe, whish should try to have fewer swerves (elbow). If there is a swerve, the bend angle should not be less than 120°. The discharge line of safety valve should not be allowed to connect to the suction pipe of mud pump. And also, between the discharge pipe and safety valve should not install any valve.

6.There is marked the working pressure of each grade on the body of shear safety valve. When adjusting the pressure, just insert the shear pin to corresponding hole according to the required pressure. Note: each time you can only insert one shear pin in hole plate. If the cylinder liner and piston are changed, the pressure of safety valve also should be adjusted accordingly. But do not use Allen key (hexagon ring spanner), welding rod and some other things as shear pin, because it will influence the pressure of safety valve, even lead to an accident.

7.Firmly support all the suction and discharge pipelines to make sure that they do not suffer the unnecessary stress, at the same time, to decreases vibration. It is not allowed to make pipelines suspend on pump without enough supports.

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