API Drilling Stabilizer

  • API 7-1 Stabilizer

    API 7-1 Stabilizer

    API7-1 Stabilizer API7-1 Stabilizers are drilling tools to stabilize the downhole equipments and prevent deviation. According to the structure, they can be divided into three basic types: integral blade stabilizer, non-rotating stabilizer and replaceable sleeve stabilizer....Read More
  • Replaceable Sleeve Stabilizer

    Replaceable Sleeve Stabilizer

    Replaceable sleeve stabilizer: The replaceable sleeve stabilizer is available with two-piece and three piece construction. The replaceable sleeve stabilizer consists of an integral mandrel and a sleeve. One mandrel series can be equipped with different size of sleeve for...Read More
  • Non-rotating Stabilizer

    Non-rotating Stabilizer

    Non-rotating stabilizer: Nonrotating stabilizer is a special tool in drilling to avoid blade wear and wall damage. The non-rotating stabilizer consists of mandrel, copper washer, rubber sleeve, spacer sleeve and self-locking lower sub.During drilling, the nonrotating...Read More
  • API Spiral Drilling Stabilizer

    API Spiral Drilling Stabilizer

    API Spiral Drilling Stabilizer API Spiral Drilling Stabilizer is a one piece rotating stabilizer which can be near bit or up in the drill string. It is a one piece construction manufactured from high strength alloy steel (non-magnet steel optional). It prevents differential...Read More
  • Drilling Stabilizer

    Drilling Stabilizer

    Drilling stabilizer Drilling stabilizer are available in both Straight and Spiral Blade designs. Non magneticintegral spiral stabilizer adopts high quality non-magnetic material and reach up to high hardness,strength and shock resistance through special heat treatment...Read More
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