Downhole Drilling Tools

  • API 7-1 Stabilizer

    API 7-1 Stabilizer

    API7-1 Stabilizer API7-1 Stabilizers are drilling tools to stabilize the downhole equipments and prevent deviation. According to the structure, they can be divided into three basic types: integral blade stabilizer, non-rotating stabilizer and replaceable sleeve stabilizer....Read More
  • Heavy Weight Drill PIPE

    Heavy Weight Drill PIPE

    Heavy weight Drill pipe 1、 Heavy weight Drill pipe is one drilling tool which has a medium-weight and similar to drill pipe. Wall thickness is larger than that of the drill pipe, and it is smaller than drill collar. Generally add between the drill pipe and drill collar when...Read More
  • Spiral Drill Collar

    Spiral Drill Collar

    Spiral Drill collar The major function of spiral drill collar: It is to prevent drilling tools from pressure differential block during drilling, the spiral groove allows the mud flow freely around the drill collar to balance pressure preventing pressure block, so effectively...Read More
  • API Sucker Rod

    API Sucker Rod

    API Sucker Rod API Sucker Rod is a steel rod, typically between 25 and 30 feet (7 to 9 meters) in length, and threaded at both ends, used in the oil industry to join together the surface and downhole components of a reciprocating piston pump installed in an oil well. The...Read More
  • Polished Rod

    Polished Rod

    Polished Rod Polished Rod, it is designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest edition of the API specification 11B. Our polished rods and couplings are furnished with cold formed fully rolled threads. And they are made from fine quality alloy steel, featured by...Read More
  • Roller Reamer

    Roller Reamer

    Roller reamer API Roller reamer is designed for various reaming operation but particularly for various reaming operation but particularly for stabilization purpose when drilling in very abrasive formations. It will fit hole sizes ranging from “6 to 28”. In addition, each body...Read More
  • Fixed Diameter Hole Opener

    Fixed Diameter Hole Opener

    Fixed Diameter Hole Openers Fixed Diameter Hole Openers is a common reaming tool, it can be used inland, oversea reaming operation. A drill bit connected with the hole opener can finish drilling and hole opening operation at the same time. Tooth can be different for different...Read More
  • Square Kelly PIPE

    Square Kelly PIPE

    Square Kelly Pipe 1、Position of the drill string:On top end of drill string, upper end connects with swivel, and lower end connects with drill pipe and in drilling by rotary table. 2、The shape of drive section is square. Upper end is box thread , left hand,No bore back, key...Read More
  • API 5DP Drill PIPE

    API 5DP Drill PIPE

    API 5DP Drill Pipe API 5DP Drill pipe is a basic component of the BHA which provides torque energy and transmits drilling fluid. It can drill a deeper well with constantly connecting with other drill pipes. Besides above working function, drill pipe suffers not only the...Read More
  • API Drill Collar

    API Drill Collar

    API Drill Collar API Drill Collar , as the main component of BHA, is at the bottom of drill string. It has the features of thick wall thickness, great gravity, and stiffness. Regular API Drill Collar materials: 4145H or 4145H MOD Regular API Drill Collar is A type (Slick...Read More
  • Replaceable Sleeve Stabilizer

    Replaceable Sleeve Stabilizer

    Replaceable sleeve stabilizer: The replaceable sleeve stabilizer is available with two-piece and three piece construction. The replaceable sleeve stabilizer consists of an integral mandrel and a sleeve. One mandrel series can be equipped with different size of sleeve for...Read More
  • Non-rotating Stabilizer

    Non-rotating Stabilizer

    Non-rotating stabilizer: Nonrotating stabilizer is a special tool in drilling to avoid blade wear and wall damage. The non-rotating stabilizer consists of mandrel, copper washer, rubber sleeve, spacer sleeve and self-locking lower sub.During drilling, the nonrotating...Read More
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